The process of preparing a new generation of students capable of meeting the requirements and the necessary skills of the 21st century requires people with diverse abilities and skills through which they can communicate with others, interact with the recent developments of our era, and accurately interpret and analyze information. All of these skills are not acquired by students in traditional schools. The process of education has been slowly influenced by modern technology until the emergence of the so-called  “e-learning”, which has become an imperative method of learning in humans passion to explore the future.

Dar Masarat seeks to state-of-the-art techniques in education by providing specialized technical consultations, design technical programs and e-content for the curriculum using modern techniques for some leading educational projects in Saudi Arabia.

Designing Excellence and Quality Awards:

Dar Masarat enjoys a divers experience in this field, including:

  1. Designing Excellence Awards:

Excellence Awards are incentives used by public and private sector organizations to stimulate the development of work systems and mechanisms, and to contribute to the achievement of their set forth objectives in providing excellent services to clients by utilizing available resources to reach global leadership. Excellence frameworks and systems contain a set of criteria that show those organizations the best practices and administrative systems to follow; so that can achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively in the pursuit for excellence. Dar Masarat provides consultancy services to build and tailor excellence awards that suit the nature of every organization’s work and help them achieve their objectives.

  1. Qualification to Compete in National and International Excellence Awards:

Dar Masarat, thanks to its experienced experts in various excellence awards offers public and private organizations  a qualification services to compete in national and international excellence awards such as: King Abdulaziz Quality Award, EFQM and others. Our team will study the current status of the organization, carry out an internal evaluation based on the criteria of the target award to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement; then develop a treatment, improvement and development plan according to priorities in the short and long terms and prepare organization for Excellence Awards.

  1. Designing Internal Quality and Excellence Awards:

Dar Masarat has experienced team in designing internal quality and excellence awards, in which administrative units, work teams and individuals within the same organization compete to promote a culture of excellence and stimulate internal development through a positive spirit of competition and develop an institutional development framework based on best management practices.

  1. Designing Quality and Excellence Awards for Whole Sectors:

Dar Masarat experts can design quality and excellence awards for sectors in which organizations belonging to a particular sector can participate. We can provide  consultancy and training services that can contribute to the motivation of participating parties to raise their performance and efficiently serve the sector’s clients and beneficiaries and improve the work at the sector.

Dar Masarat also provides capacity building and awareness services on institutional excellence for various functional categories within the organization, including senior leaders and various levels of the organization’s employees focusing on transferring knowledge and building capacity of a team of specialists within the organization.