Futures Studies

Futures Studies is the formal and systematic study of possible, probable, and preferable futures, and of methods of foresight development for individuals, groups, and human society. Future studies have become essential determinants due to their importance in rationalizing the decision-making process and taking it to institutions, leaders and employees. It also provides strategic planning experts with an important aspect of knowledge needed to formulate strategies and plan. Any serious planning work is often preceded by some forward-looking work.

Dar Masarat depends on rigorous methodological characteristics that are desirable in future studies. The most prominent of these characteristics include,  comprehensiveness, avoidance of oversimplification, careful reading of past trends, blend qualitative and quantitative methods in future work and teamwork and creativity).

Building quality systems and their applications:

Advisory services on quality and institutional excellence:

Dar Masarat has qualified and experienced in quality and organizational excellence. Dar Masarat also has a network of partnerships with Arab and international expertise on ​​excellence, enabling it to provide consulting services based on the latest studies and applied practices in this field, as follows:

  1. Design of quality assurance systems in accordance with international standards:

New shifts and diversity in clients, workers and organizations needs and requirements of today’s world is a challenge for institutions in both public and private sectors to demonstrate their ability to meet these constantly changing needs and requirements. The requirements and expectations of clients and stakeholders are numerous and not limited to the quality of services and products. Rather, they cover areas such as environmental preservation, ensure occupational safety, application of social responsibility principles, ensure information security and confidentiality ..etc. International organizations have designed international measures to be used as a standard by those wishing to demonstrate their capabilities in meeting the needs of their customers.

Dar Masarat provides consulting services that can help in preparing and qualifying organizations to obtain certificates of conformity according to international standards, including: (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO27001, ISO26000, HACCP, ISO17025)

  1. Creativity Labs for Services and Processes Development:

Dar Masarat for Research and Development provides creative laboratory design and management services for government and private sector institutions, using creative thinking tools in an environment that stimulates innovation and creative ideas to develop and deliver new services. Dar Masarat experts are specialists in this area through their cooperation with many development teams in the public and private sector organizations.

Our team of experts design unconventional “Creativity Labs) with a set of tools that help the development team to think and come up with creative ideas to find out innovative solutions for developing services and processes. Our team trains development team members during the development process and work hand in hand to ensure access to creative ideas and effective results.


Service Development

  1. Customer Experience Strategy:
  • Do you think that you are practical and have the required ability and efficiency?
  • Do you practice excellence when dealing with customers?
  • What is your strategy for customer experience? How do you develop it?

Many questions arise in the minds of the managers of any product or service organization. The company’s strategy for customer experience not only shows that it has unique values ​​and a promising brand, but more importantly, focuses on its efforts to achieve its objectives and the steps required to fulfill its promises to clients and achieve their goals and objectives also. At Dar Masarat we provide support to any organization – at all stages of customer experience strategy – to become an outward-oriented organization towards customers and meet their needs. Our experts provide advice and support in the following areas:

  • Categorize customers, understand their different situations and identify the most valuable customer.
  • Define customer experience goals and classify them at different organizational levels.
  • Identify the brand, its characteristics, and development proposals of its kind for customers.
  • Determine the returns of investments in customer experience.


  1. Designing Customer Journey:

Dar Masarat can provide support to organization in planning their experience in various stages of communication before and after the transaction. Planning customer journey helps to identify customers feelings and perceptions throughout the business process using special research methods.

When organizations begin to look at customer experience through contact points rather than predefined assumptions, improvement opportunities will be seen, and then we will be able to help identify opportunities for improvement and development after identifying all critical contact points and crucial moments. Our experts can redesign customer journey maps to suit the ideal state of each organization according to its customer experience strategy.

  1. Customer Experience Management:

Customer experience is not related to the perception of the company’s services or brand, but primarily to the feelings of customers towards them.  Dar Masarat through its work with many national and international organizations, companies and various activities with different sizes and maturity levels, has developed sufficient experience to help those organizations to create positive impressions and experiences among their customers. We apply scientific tools and methodologies that have been tested in designing and measurement of customer experience in public and private sectors and non-profit organizations.

  1. Customer Experience Measurement:

Business environment today witnesses tremendous changes that lead us to develop new and creative methods to measure customer experience. Identifying the desired experience by understanding customer needs and expectations is an important step on which subsequent steps could be built. For example, there are many quality factors that are important to the quality of customer experience and its impact on customer satisfaction and inclinations. Understanding these factors is critical to online businesses before beginning next stages of designing customer experience.

Our experts use the XQual tool, which is a well-known international testing tool to measure customer experience. It is a practical tool that helps organizations understand different types of their customers perceptions in a single sheet of paper before, during and after the transaction of selling services or products. This tool seeks to address customer needs and helps identify the most appropriate types of metrics for the organization, ranging from: quality of service, from satisfaction to pleasure, and from trust to emotional loyalty.


Institutional Development:

Dar Masarat enjoys a rich experience in this field, including:

  1. Establishing Institutions:

Establishing and building good institutions is the key to success, and institutional rebuilding (if needed) is a requirement for the continued success of the institution to achieve the knowledge, ability and expertise required for a specific area. One of the most important things we do is the so-called High Performing Organizing HPO. As well as the organizational Integration program for all the systems of the organization in order to mutually support each other to produce the best performance and the best outputs.

  1. Technology Solutions:

These include: information security, systems and servers, virtualization techniques, systems management, information management, business continuity, call center, conference technology.



  1. Business Applications

These include: Enterprise Resource Management Systems, Customer Management Systems, Enterprise Content Management Systems, Project Management Systems, Business Intelligence and Performance Indicators, Data Warehouse, Specialized Solutions for Education, Healthcare, Public Service, and Structuring.

  1. Consultation Services:

These include: Organizational Excellence, Project Management, Quality Management, Business Process Management, System Building and Support, Advisory Services for Businesses.

Education Development and Practice:

Quality education in the globalization era and advanced knowledge is characterized by the ability of students to create, innovate, use modern technology, self-learning and lifelong learning, which makes it imperative to develop educational institutions and enhance their institutional capacity and educational effectiveness to achieve excellence and competitiveness. Educational institutions are required to improve their skills and turn them into real economic capabilities serving the comprehensive development plans. Dar Masarat enjoys a thorough experience in this area, as follows:

  1. Curriculum & Educational Programs Development:

Curriculums are designed to be flexible tools of learning that enable students to use and build knowledge. The curriculum is placed at the forefront of educational development agenda as a tool for expertise and a leader in all teaching and learning processes. Curriculums instill values ​​and promote the spirit of citizenship and a sense of belonging and loyalty to this country and its leadership. At the same time, they deepen our values, customs, tolerance and our desire for equal dialogue and understanding of the values ​​and visions of others. Curriculums also introduce modern concepts and qualitative skills that lead students to practice different kinds of thinking.

Curriculum and learning programs are therefore of the most important elements of the educational process that affect all the operational processes within the educational institution because of the strategies, objectives, contents and educational activities. With this in mind, Dar Masarat seeks to provide educational consultations on curriculum development as well as designing and preparation of educational programs. We always work in partnership with international specialized consultancy firms in this field in addition to distinguished experienced national experts.

  1. Professional Development For Teachers & Educators:

The success of the education process depends on many different factors and efficient teacher, however, is the cornerstone. Educational studies emphasize  on the importance of sustainable professional development of teacher during service, so that teachers preparation, training and development programs are always a major goal of the educational process and educational institutions. Dar Masarat pays special care for designing specialized training programs to achieve sustainable professional development for teachers and educators in accordance with the latest educational developments and international best practices.

  1. Measurement & Evaluation:

Measurement is of great functional importance especially in education development.  Measurement can exactly show the current situation of  all human and material elements of the educational environment and help decision makers and relevant parties to determine what can be presented in each component of that environment. Students are at the heart of the assessment process; to reveal the objectives they learned and achieved to start new educational goals, or to review teaching and learning mechanisms if objectives are not achieved.

Therefore, measurement and evaluation processes are among the main components the educational system as a basic input to the development of education outputs. Measurement findings are important feedback for all parties of the learning process. Measurement findings also reflect the extent to which educational process objectives are achieved and also sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of the educational process. Dar Masarat is interested in developing evaluation programs and tools, and provides specialized technical consultations on measurement and evaluation for the development of educational institutions in partnership with international specialized consultancy firms.