Quality in Education


Contemporary global trends in education make the student a major focus of the learning process, contributing to the community creativity and innovation activities for creating jobs instead of consuming them. This has necessitated a qualitative shift in educational programs and courses, to focus on the skills and capabilities consistent with the needs and requirements of the labor market. Quality education can also make a creative contribution to the economic and scientific progress of the community, which requires the need to provide a sophisticated institutional system that guarantees sustainable development and realization of educational goals. This will lead to quality educational outcomes upon which development process is based. Educational outcomes must show the features of development and quality, and therefore it will be possible to upgrade the level of educational outcomes and to raise the levels for caring of innovators and creators and creative outcomes in various fields.

Therefore, the contemporary global challenges have forced educational institutions to adopt conscious scientific methods in the face of these challenges, as well as an efficient investment of human resources and adopting quality concepts in educational practices.

Dar Masarat pays special attention to quality issues in education by designing and developing quality systems for various educational institutions. We seek to create a qualitative development of the work cycle in the educational institution in line with the educational and administrative developments. Our services are mainly focused on developing quality systems for all educational institutions including universities, schools and various learning programs.